It seems like our Park Bom isn't the only who owns the eye trademark now, with G-Dragon doing it in every performance it seems like he could share the title with Bom too, eh?

Here's G-Dragon's performance of 'I Need a Girl'
(All picture credits at gbom@baidu)
By: UNICE1982@baidu

Of course more of this will come since they are not done with 'I Need a Girl' promotion.

Here's a collection of our Park Bom's eye trademark.
Even though G-Dragon's performances has been lately, since July 1st of 2010. Park Bom's performances of her eye trademark has been very recent too. Latest from June 2010.

This last picture will really show you, how this is Park Bom's unique trademark, that there's no doubt that G-Dragon is intentionally imitating her like he always does. Because in this picture only Bom is doing it, even G-Dragon was not doing it! This was in Gayo DaeJeon 2010.