What does G-BOM mean?
G-BOM is tweaked name of  Big Bang's leader rapper, G-Dragon, and 2NE1's main vocals, Park Bom.
(Info: G-Dragon has mentioned "G-BOM" himself already watch it HERE starting @ 3:10 mark of the video)

What is G-BOM's official shippers' name?
G-BOM shippers are called addicteds. Why? It was decided from a poll held in our YGLadies thread. It was from 2NE1tv Season1's episode where G-Dragon confessed that he finds Bom's slightly like addiction. (Click here to watch). We know that calling ourselves addicteds is gramatically wrong but, we are just trying to point out that G-Dragon is addicted to Bom.

What is the Addicted's official color?
Our colors are usually combination of Bom and GD's favorite colors. But mainly, we are using green and yellow.

Are they really dating or used to?
We do not know. If they are, then we will be the happiest to know and we'll give and show them 100% of our support. But if not, we'll continue shipping them with their lovely dongsaeng-noona relationship.

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