Who is that guy sitting right across from our Park Bom?
She seems to be looking at him amazed with happiness in her eyes.

He looks familiar eh? Look at that black wrist band.

Ah! As we thought, it's none other than G-Dragon himself, who is sitting across G-Dragon!

In the Big Bang 24 Hours in Japan, during the MTV VMAJ 2010, it seems like we are getting more than one G-BOM physical closeness together. In the post we made before, we showed that G-Dragon and Park Bom stood very closely to each other. Now we see that they are sitting right across from each other, directly.

When two people like each other and are attracted, they cannot help but turn towards them directly, and by Bom and GD sitting definitely right across from each other can show us that they wanted to see each other clearly.
observation credits by Yvonne@YGLadies

Here's the video
video by bisegy777@youtube