In Japan's MTV VMAJ 2010, as we have blogged before, 2NE1 and Big Bang both performed in the event. Now there is a video of the backstage practice of Big Bang with 2NE1 from Big Bang 24 hours. And look at our beloved couple seems to be close in this few moments that the groups were together.


Here is Park Bom, she seems to be looking like she is looking for someone, eh?

G-Dragon with Seung Ri. Just want to make sure you knew what he was wearing.

Then G-Dragon bows to someone in front of him, but watch who is right next to him.

Our Park Bom is right next to G-Dragon!

It looks like they're close enough to be touching!

It seems like G-Dragon is trying to get closer to Park Bom.

observation credits to bommiexbunnie & bommiegd @YGL

Here is the video of Big Bang 24 Hours, watch it yourself!