Just today Tae Yang's MV for 'I Need a Girl' ft. G-Dragon was released. In the video, G-Dragon was found doing Park Bom's eye trademark that she always does in the MV. This time GD never failed us to show how much he loves copying Bom.

He does it again in the live performance at the M! Countdown on July 1, 2010. Notice how G-Dragon does the trademark real quick and in the part where he sings 'Girl I do adore.' Talking about Bommie there GD?

Don't believe us that it's Bom's trademark? Well here's a few pictures of Park Bom doing the eye trademark!

Here's a picture of her shirt with the trademark!

This isn't the first time G-Dragon has copied her. He did it in the LG CF as well!

Here's the video of the MV and the performance!