I was searching '뇽봄' [G-BOM in Korea] in, a very popular search engine in Korea. I usually do this every once in awhile, to see what's new. And I was looking at the pictures of 뇽봄 aka G-BOM, mostly were from 2NE1 cafes and were 뇽봄 fanfics. I came upon a page that I've seen before, back in February 2010.

This page was from ( Titled '뇽봄은...리얼?' meaning to us 'G-BOM... real?' this was posted by 초식남지용(goni036) Talking about the video that our fellow ADDICTED made in youtube by JanineAnika17 aka Janine

The thing that made this different for me this time is as I went through the comments, I saw a comment that surprised me! A Korean ADDICTED saying 'I LOVE G-BOM!' This could only mean that this person has probably seen our works and dedication to G-BOM right? I mean she could have easily said 'I LOVE 뇽봄' but instead she said 'G-BOM'!

And then also in the very first picture above, there was a name that consisted of GD and Bommie's name in Korean. 권지용박봄

I wish that the Koreans who sees our videos in youtube and goes to this website will leave a comment or something! I noticed in the site visits feed that we have for our blog, that there's always this Korean who comes consistently in our page I wish this person would say something to us! It would be really nice!

Anyways, I wish I could translate more of what they said, but I can't understand korean! I wish I do!

Here's the video by Janine that the Koreans were investigating!

- Toni♥