In G-Dragon's recent me2day update on June 23, 2010, he posted a picture of himself wearing a t-shirt saying "I Need A Girl". The obvious of it, is that he is promoting Tae Yang's new solo album with the song "I Need a Girl" that G-Dragon is featured in.

Although aside from the obvious, G-Dragon himself might actually be
telling the world that he needs a girl!
Or maybe he already has someone in mind? Maybe our Park Bom Unnie? In all the most recent past interviews, G-Dragon never hesitates talking about "the girl", and how he wants to get marries as soon as possible. Hmmm?

Well G-Dragon is wearing green pants in that picture, our Bommie's favorite color! Just a coincidence? Maybe, maybe not!

Why G-Dragon needs a girl like Park Bom?

Here's why! video made by allygirlie@youtube