credit to bebita19@YGL

In G-Dragon's Concert, Shine a Light, a skit that had all 2NE1 and Big Bang members in it except one important person, our Park Bom. Where did she go? Why was she missing in action at his own very first solo concert? We might not really know the answer but ADDICTEDS suspect that a reason could be that they didn't want to
expose Bom and G-Dragon together after the whole MAMA incident.

Anywho, in the skit G-Dragon talked about his ideal woman. His ideals were, tall, baby face and glamorous.

All CAPS here are made by janexy@baidu

As you can see, all of those describe our Bommie! You can compare to the first poster above.

And then in the skit when he finally sees his "date" he notices that she was none of them, but she loves to eat! And our Park Bom loves to eat doesn't she? G-Dragon must have made that in the skit purposely!

Lastly, G-Dragon talks about her confidence, our Bom has that too.

So even though Park Bom was not there, I think YG decided to keep her out, G-Dragon still found a way to make her be there in his concert. I can bet you that if she happened to have been in the concert she would have been that "girl" as his date!

Here is the video! credit: IceAlarcon@youtube