On June 03, 2010, Big Bang and 2NE1 came to show their support for TOP's premier show of "Into the Gunfire" or "Into the Fire." Our favorite couple, G-Dragon and Park Bom, were both present at the film event, and although there are no pictures of them yet together, the pictures above both show G-Dragon and Park Bom beside Seung Ri.

Park Bom was located on Seung Ri's right side, while G-Dragon was placed in Seung Ri's left. If you notice G-Dragon's body language was facing towards Bom's way, he probably wanted to go to her, but couldn't because of the public seeing his every move.

observation credit: bebeme@YGLadies


The above picture shows a screen cap of Bom stealing a glance at G-Dragon. Park Bom is probably watching G-Dragon says 'Fighting' to the camera. She's not known to show her feelings towards G-Dragon, but with her secret glances towards him can assure us ADDICTEDS that she might also feel the same way.

Source: DC2NE1 / letsplay2NE1
Reupload of pic: yvonne@YGL

[UPDATE!] Here's pictures of G-Dragon stealing a glance to our Bommie!

Here's a gorgeous picture of our Bommie in the premier show. She seems to have lost weight. Let's hope she doesn't lose anymore, I'd like her to stay healthy!

Picture of G-Dragon

Here's a picture of both 2NE1 and Big Bang all seated to watch the show.
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picture as credited, and above picture cr: team BigBang