Special & Beautiful Guest 2NE1 !!!

In the 2010 Big Bang Concert Making Book, was a feature of 2NE1 with an interview. The interviewer questioned the girls, and this is the question that Park Bom was asked.

"Miss Bom, if there was one thing you could learn from the Big Bang members, what would it be?”

“I think it’s very cool seeing them working hard to fulfill their own roles. Acting, talent, musical, etc. they’re a versatile group. Especially, I want to follow after Youngbae-kun’s always hard-working self. Even without people telling him or watching him, he’s always faithfully practising to the end! He’s seriously amazing. I want to learn how to do a charismatic gaze from G-Dragon. Haha
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Translated by GEE @ ygladies.com

translations credit: letsplay2ne1 [View Full Interview]

Oh my, our Bommie is definitely thinking about GD, eh? Can you imagine how our G-Dragon reacted when he read Park Bom's answer? It's always G-Dragon who shows his interest in Park Bom, but never quite the other way around, but now it seems like she made a hint. Although, Park Bom still seemed hesitant to talk about G-Dragon by only talking about him little at the end, it seems as if she is scared of what the netizens and fans will do if there was to be a rumor with G-Dragon and her. I'm sure that's why she mentioned someone else the whole time, but yet right at the end she talked about G-Dragon, and his charismatic smile!

Bommie, which smile of G-Dragon do you like, eh?

It's okay, Bommie, we ADDICTEDS will always be here support you and G-Dragon!

G-BOM Fighting!
observation credits to Yasmine@YGL and Yvonne@GBOMfacebook