credit to 亓洛乜爱迩@baidu

On May 29, 2010, 2NE1 and Big Bang both performed in Japan's MTV MVAJ 2010. A fan picture was recently released containing both G-Dragon's and Park Bom's name. 지용 which is Ji Yong in English romanization is G-Dragon's first name, and is Bom romanized.

According to the Chinese ADDICTEDS [G-BOM fans], the picture was found from a Japanese website. What could this mean? More International G-BOM ADDICTEDS Fans! Although this might not mean much to some people, there's a reason why this fan only put Bommie and GD's name together. This fan is definitely an ADDICTED for sure. Welcome Japanese [日本語] ADDICTEDS!

I've also noticed we have many visits here at our blog from Japan [日本], hopefully they will read this and comment and show us more G-BOM love!

credit to Chinese G-BOM ADDICTEDS! [Click here for the site!]