2NE1 had an interview for a Japanese magazine, "Ray", where in the 4 members answered 100 questions. Park Bom's interview asked her about love, boyfriend, and marriage.

Q066: Have you have any thoughts of getting married?
A: Yes. Recently I started having ideas of wanting to get married. However, 2NE1 is more important as compared to getting married.

Q071: In what way will you change if you like someone?
A: I will become more initiative. Though I would not take the initiative and ask the guy out, I will work hard so that the guy will take that initiative and ask me out. (shy)

Q072: Give 3 criteria for a potential boyfriend.
A: Firstly, the guy must take full responsibility in his job, and he will persist till the end. I feel that this kind of guys look the most charming and handsome.  Also, he must love me and me only. Actually, these two points are enough, but if you want me to give you another point, then he must be someone fashionable.

Q073: What will you do if you fall out of love?
A: I will walk around aimlessly under the rain. I would wear my favourite clothes out at that time. And after I got all wet, I would tell myself how useless I am in that situation, and would encourage myself and pick myself up.

Translated by: 小兔 @baidu + wan@WeLoveBom + Celeste@WeLoveBom
*rough translation only*

Read the whole interview here: wp.me/p1sH1L-3D5