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These coincidences are personally heard by from other addicteds, I thought it would be a waste if I don't show them, so I started this thread, hehe~~~~

Coincidence 1:
During 2NE1TV, Bom pointed out at the aquarium (in USA) that the frog is her husband, CL also mentioned that frogs are Bom's husband(s). Jiyong did confess during G-Dragon Star's 2nd conversation that his face was similar to a frog's, so..doesn't this mean that Jiyong is Bom's frog husband? Hehe~~~
P.S: Jiyong said "Even though it is not a very handsome face now, it really did resemble a frog's."

Coincidence 2:
Beyonce is Bom's idol, & Jay-Z seems to be Jiyong's idol. Beyonce & Jay-Z are a married couple, so are you two trying to imply something or want to learn from them and be a couple? Hehe~~~

【Message #1】
Another coincidence, one which I don't know if I can even consider a coincidence.

In We Belong Together MV, there are shots of Boyoung Lee (@ 0:39 of the MV), at that point of time I found it strange.
If it was just another MV, they would not have let a staff like Boyoung appear on camera. Unless they wanted to add realism to the video.
The point is, Boyoung participated in the filming of this MV.
From what I'm seeing, this MV should be the truth, that's why Boyoung made an appearance.

【Message #2】
Coincidence 3: MAMA 2009, when Bom was performing You & I, the stage was similar to one of the GDTOPBOM We Belong Together stages! It was also "on a pavement", under a streetlight, a couple on a bench who were very close..

【Message #3】
Also, I was reviewing a video back from ANYSTAR period, and saw 2 BTS video reports that I have not seen before. Bom was really pure and pretty (of course she still is now). It was around 2006 when they were filming for ANYSTAR, and among the YG trainees back then, Bom should have been the prettiest. Otherwise, why would they let her participate in a commercial?
What I am trying to say is, everyone knows that Jiyong likes pretty girls, so there is a 90% possibility that Jiyong did like Bom back then. (Actually I wanted to say 100%) Whether he still likes her now, I think we all know the answer.

【Message #4】
I can't take it anymore so I have to say this,
and there are more, don't force me to say them!!!!

Coincidence 4:
《FOREVER WITH YOU》mentioned "3 letter"
《BUTTERFLY》also mentioned "3 letter"

Everyone should understand right?~

【Message #5】
A My Little Pony doll appeared in《BUT I LOVE U》and disappeared ever since then..
Until the revelation of《BUTTERFLY》....
The little pony doll appeared again........

【Message #6】
I have resisted the urge for a long time....
I have a surprise for everyone.......


During MAMA, why is it that whenever there's a shot of Bom, it will get cut to Jiyong...
There's no need for it to be SO coincidental, who would believe that something can be so coincidental...
What is the staff for?
Getting paid?
Answer: Digging!!!
The staff must have known that something was going on, couldn't say it, had to spread the information through this method.

There was a year, seems like it was when Beyonce and Jay-Z were getting married, Beyonce won an award.
And it was always cut off to Jay-Z...
= =
Such a coincidence..We all know that Jay-Z is Beyonce's husband now.

Bom's favourite artiste is Beyonce,
Jiyong's favourite artiste is Jay-Z...

Fantasizing is not necessary, we can all understand this.

【Message #7】
"3 letter" is part of the lyrics...
There is the phrase "3 letter" in the lyrics...
I'm also curious of what 3 letters..
This proves that from《FOREVER WITH YOU》 to《BUTTERFLY》,
Jiyong always loved one person~~~~

【Message #8】
And "3 letter", please do not continue to fantasize.
Fantasizing ability doesn't pay off, don't have to force yourself to fantasize. (?)

CL (leader)
Korean name: 이채린
Chinese name: 李彩琳
English name: Chae Lee, Faith Lee
Date of Birth: 1991.02.26
Horoscope: Pisces

Korean name: 박봄
Chinese name: 朴春 (originally 朴春丽)
English name: Bom Park, Jenny Park
Date of Birth: 1984.03.24
Horoscope: Aries

Korean name: 산다라 박
Chinese name: 朴桑德拉
English name: Sandara Park
Date of Birth: 1984.11.12
Horoscope: Scorpio

Korean name: 공민지
Chinese name: 孔敏智
English name: Minji
Date of Birth: 1994.01.18
Horoscope: Capricorn

Which one is the true golden girl?

I think we all know,
please do not fantasize blindly.

【Message #9】
"After recent solo concert ended, there was a lot of rest time. The restrictions of clubbing, drinking and having girlfriends was not as strict as before. Always met up with friends, went to clubs, visited Dongdaemun malls early in the morning. Because pasted up my photo, I asked "What clothes are these?", answer "G-Dragon style". No one recognised me. (laughs)"

A lot of rest after SAL?
So many suspicious acts during MAMA,
after MAMA was SAL and then BIGSHOW,
and take a look at this sentence
"The restrictions of clubbing, drinking and having girlfriends was not as strict as before."
So every thing was restricted before SAL?
Didn't see Bom and Jiyong performing together at SAL,
Bom did not make an appearance either,
but after GD's solo concert, everything was less strict/more relaxed, what does that mean?

Those who are climbing the wall, please feel free to think!
We welcome your investigations!

【Message #10】

Look at Daesung = =

Both are Japan interviews,
you're laughing SO happily.
That silly laughing look.
Bewildered when you're laughing.
Ah, that smile of GD's is seen less and less..
Hope he will always be this happy.

Bom said it yourself k = =
You said it with your own mouth.........

This is not a coincidence, KKK!

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