This news was posted awhile back in G-BOM thread@YGL awhile back. But since we're not getting any new scoop of G-Dragoon or Bom since both groups are very busy, I'm going to post older news that have not been posted.

much thanks to ninja29@YGL for the picture and observation!

In Big Bang's first album, where Park Bom was featured in their song 'We Belong Together' and 'Forever With You' singing along with Big Bang's G-Dragon and T.O.P, G-Dragon thanked Park Bom writing "ma lady 박봄양." Which translates to "ma lady Miss Park Bom."

박봄- is Park Bom's name in Korean
- is like saying 'Miss' in Korean

In YGL's G-BOM thread, ninja29, an ADDICTED posted this picture saying...
Today I was organizing my BB CDs. When I came across their first album, I was wondering if anyone posted GD's thanks to yet? I read it since I got the CD which was really long ago *spazzing* GD's thanks to is really cute & very long! even if I don't understand most of it, but the way he wrote it was seriously cute! Back then I thought G-Bom were really cute together. So when I saw Bom unnie in his thanks to, I found myself smiling. lol

He mentioned Bom as "ma lady 박봄양 = ma lady Park Bom yang" [yang = sth like Miss in Korean] He also wrote to the other trainees back then; JiEun unnie that's in Lady Collection and not in YG anymore, May Doni that's now a soloist and not in YG either, and lastly no other than our 2NE1 maknae MinJi and told them to work hard! ^^ I seem to notice like you guys that GD doesn't like to use noona with Bom. The other unnies; the staffs, trainees or even dancers, GD always addresses them as noona.

She is quite right, even though GD does call Bom 'Noona' older sister, he doesn't do it much and seems like he'd rather prefer calling her 'Park Bom' only, or like what he said above, 'ma girl Park Bom.'

This is another G-BOM moment back in 2006!