As all of us ADDICTEDS should know, G-Dragon is known to steal glances at Park Bom. He looks at her when he thinks the camera is not taping him, or even if he knows it, he tries to look at Park Bom discreetly, as if no one knows what he is doing.

In episode one, of 2NE1TV, we can quickly see that G-Dragon is looking at Bom. He comes into the room, and the first place that his eyes land on is Park Bom's. You can see in the bottom caps that his eyes linger on hers for a long time. Even Minjy in the end gives him a look because of his change of face into a happy one.

caps credit to GNine@YGLadies

The scene above starts at 40:00

I'll be posting 2NE1TV G-BOM moments, to archive them here, from the G-BOM thread at YGLadies.