Hello there ADDICTEDS! We really need extra people to help us out with G-BOM Facebook Fan page, and especially with this blog. GNine, Yvonne and I(Toni) are getting a lot busier, so we figured we might need one or two people who can help update our facebook fan page and this blog!

We are looking for:
  • Writers [post up news, observations and such in this blog]
  • News Caster [you must be able to be updated with the kpop news constantly, if you love checking out all kpop news and other blogs, this is perfect for you. And we just need for you to post them up in our facebook fan page]
  • Translator [It's not a necessity, but we do need help from people who understand Korean]

If you are interested in any of those positions, please leave a comment HERE! Not on facebook! And let us know what would make you good in that position! And we'll get back at you!

I hope that there are people who are interested, because us admins as of right now are getting busier, please and thank you!