Eh? What is this? Dae Sung is doing the G-BOM trademark, that Park Bom is known for, and G-Dragon recently constantly doing it in 'I Need a Girl' performance. I don't know much about the picture itself, although MissByeol@YGLadies AKA Ferlee gave us some information that she think happened, anyone can still free to correct or add to the information.

According to Ferlee, she said that while on a talk show, Dae Sung was imitating G-Dragon's rap and then doing the G-BOM couple sign.

Could that be right? If anyone knows where this was or if there's a video of it, please let us know, we would like to know more about this picture! It really seems like Park Bom's trademark is known to the other Big Bang members that even they will tease G-Dragon about it?

Although this picture does seem awhile back seeing GD's hair is different.