Pictures of 2NE1’s Bom from the MTV-Daum Music Fest has been flying around the Internet, rousing confusion amongst netizens. In the photos, she is showing off her slender legs with a tight black minidress, but her legs earned only half the attention.

Fans were alarmed to see her upper body contrast completely with her lower body - many commented that she looked extremely skinny at the legs, but that she looked clumsy and dense above the waist. Most fans’ attentions were brought to her jawline. The sharp jawline she had showed off only a short time ago had completely disappeared and her round face had come back.

When fans saw this they said, “How can her legs be so thin and her upper body so large?” and “I guess all her weight goes to her chin first.” Other said, “this isn’t just different, it’s shocking,” “She’s sorta cute even with that weight,” and “Is she already experiencing the yoyo effects of her diet?”

Source: Newsen

Translated by: Koreaboo