Seungri delighted Big Bang fans the world over when he shared some behind-the-scenes stories about the group through tvN’s “Live Talk Show Taxi“. The maknae’s appearance will mark the show’s first ever hosting of a Big Bang guest.During the recording, Seungri confessed that... in the group’s pre-debut era, there was a time when he and G-Dragon had a hard time breaking the ice. He revealed that they didn’t say a single word to each other for a whole three months.

“I joined Big Bang and we dormed together, but I wasn’t able to talk to G-Dragon hyung for three months. At the time, the drama “Goong” was airing and since we were both fans, we started to get close after watching the drama together.”
Seungri also revealed two instances when he felt disappointed by G-Dragon’s words to him.

During his debut solo promotions for “Strong Baby“, Seungri felt that his attitude was becoming more arrogant, although he wasn’t fully aware of it yet. He revealed, “At the time, G-Dragon hyung said to me, “It’s good that you’re doing solo promotions, but don’t do anything that will cause damage to the team”, which hurt me a bit.”

However, Seungri added that he was also able to learn when to keep himself in check thanks to GD’s words.
Seungri also clarified and expanded on the story about how he and Daesung got into an argument back in their trainee days. To recap, GD and T.O.P shared a story through a variety show about a time when Daesung got angry at Seungri for never helping to cook meat whenever the group went out for dinner.
Seungri explained, “I’ve never cooked meat before. At the time, I was young and didn’t really know much about how to act in society. After that incident, I searched on the internet on how to cook meat, and even downloaded a cooking meat game and practiced through that.”

The maknae also summed up the individual dating style of each member.

“T.O.P’s relationships can be summed up in one word: ‘Movie’. G-Dragon is the type to fall in love for a long time after he’s found someone, a romanticist who sings songs as presents. Taeyang is a bit lacking in relationships, and Daesung is the type to never get caught when he’s dating.”

The full episode will be aired on February 10th.

Source: Newsen via Nate @ allkpop
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