Back in 2006, way before Park Bom debuted with 2NE1, Big Bang held a first showcase and Park Bom was featured in it as she sang 'We Belong Together' and 'Forever With You' with G-Dragon and Top. This segment of the video was originally uploaded by Vshap@youtube, YG did edited out G-Dragon saying that Park Bom is his girlfriend, but Vshap owned the video and were able to show it to us!

Finally thanks to jade@gbom-addition forum, we were able to give you the subs for this segment! Please watch! Thank you!
credits: translated by jade@gbom-addiction, typesetted by lucky@gbom-addiction, edited and uploaded by jojo@gbom-addiction [THANK YOU GUYS!]

Here are the CAPS!

What is this?! Tae Yang admitting that Ji Yong loves Park Bom warmly?

Then G-Dragon says that Park Bom is his girlfriend!

While Maknae is talking, watch GD watching Bommie!

Then he slowly touches his forehead as he is about to approach Bom!

Then G-Dragon whispers something in Park Bom's ears!

He says something to her for a really long time!

That even Young Bae had to pull G-Dragon away from Park Bom!

EH?! So what do you think? G-Dragon definitely thought that no one was watching him when he went to whisper in Bom's ears. But how wrong he was, and YG even had to cut it out from the segment, so thank you Vshap for the part, without you wouldn't have been able to witness this!

And don't you love how G-Dragon calls her back then "Miss Park Bom" like he still does! ^_^