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Park Bom, supporting GD and Park Myung-soo's stage for Infinity Challenge Song Festival
2NE1’s Park Bom joins MBC’s Infinite Challenge. On June 9th, according to a person-in-charge from the program’s broadcasting team, Park Bom will be arriving at the
Chungcheongnam-do Expressway Service Area by 8PM for the “West Coast Expressway Song Festival”.
Park Bom will be supporting in GG’s (duo composed of Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Park Myung Soo) song – “Windy”. “Windy” is a song composed by GD with Teddy and Kush. This song features Park Bom, who’s from the same company as GD, and she will be performing this live in the Song Festival.
This year’s “West Coast Expressway Song Festival” will be held two years after the Olympic Expressway Song Festival in 2009, and before that there was the North Gangbyeon Expressway Song Festival in 2007. Because of its history, the show is gaining a lot of attention.
Source: Nate
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Park Bom will support Team GG on Infinity Challenge’s the West Coast Expressway Gayo Festival
Park Bom (2NE1) will appear on Infinity Challenge’s The West Coast Expressway Gayo Festival (MBC) tonight as a surprise guest.
She will do featuring for Team GG (G-Dragon of BIGBANG + Min-Dragon a.k.a Park Myung Soo). The title of their song is “Having an Affair” GD + Teddy + Kush made this song together.

Park Bom to sing in G-Dragon & Park Myung Soo’s joint performance
2NE1’s Park Bom is making a special appearance in a song festival for MBC’s ’Infinity Challenge‘.
According to a representative, the idol will make a surprise appearance on June 9th’s ‘Seohae Ahn Highway Song Festival’, held at a rest area in Chungnam.
Park Bom is preparing to sing a song for ‘GG‘, a collaborative unit between Big Bang’s G-Dragon and comedian Park Myung Soo. Titled, ’I’m Having An Affair‘, it was composed by G-Dragon, Teddy, and Kush.
How did Park Bom get tied into such an unusual event? Apparently, the songstress was around the studio when the song was being created, and decided to take part in its performance.
‘Seohae Ahn Highway Song Festival’ is taking place for the first time in two years; Infinity Challenge’s other song festivals were in 2007 and 2009.
The event will host other singer-comedian pairs, such as Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Juk, Gil and Bada,Jung Hyung Don and Jung Jae Hyung, Noh Hong Chul and Psy, Jung Joon Ha and Sweet Sorrow, and finally Haha and 10cm.

Source: Star News via Nate
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