Another cute and unseen G-BOM moment at the previous 2011 YG Family Concert!
Bom walking around during encore and stopped at Jiyong and danced with him!

Here Bom just arrived in front of Jiyong who's already dancing ^^


And as if on cue, they started dancing in synch together! They are so adorable :)

And when Jiyong seem to notice they danced in synch, he found it funny and here you can see GD stopped dancing, laughed and pointed at Bom who's still dancing. CL is on the side laughing at them too ^^

Here is a GIF version!

 Kyaaa~ so adorable!
This is a great Christmas present to all the Addicteds~!

GIF credits: yk26395@G-BOM Baidu Bar
Caps by: janexy@G-BOMBaidu Bar
Video credits: kpoptvus2@YouTube