Why They "Belong Together"?

  • Have a long history since Bom's pre-debut days.
  • Have made MV's together.
  • Have on/off stage relationship.
  • G-Dragon likes Bom's cuteness and uniqueness.
  • GD has an addiction to Bom (Came right out of his mouth)
  • GD loves to tease Bom.
  • GD obviously likes to see Bom's face mad when he teases her.
  • Bom has that hard-to-get attitude when GD teases her :)
  • Gaho's dad is GD
  • Gaho's mom might as well be Bom
  • Bom loves GD's dog, GaHo.
  • GD secretly loves it whe she play with GaHo.
  • Bom and Gaho are so alike that Bom, GD and Gaho, are one big family!
  • Because he's always telling her, "Nuna, that's not yours!"
  • Or he tells her, "Nuna, he doesn't like you" kekeke
  • GD had an ex before who was few years older than him
  • Bom is few years older than him
  • Although GD has called her Nuna a few times, he usually calls her Park Bom
  • Bom is a softie, she cries easily and she needs a leader like GD to comfort her
  • Bom's 8D personality is good for GD
  • GD's clean-freakness is good for Bom
  • G-Dragon's favorite artist is Jay-Z
  • Bom wants to be like Beyonce
  • And duh- Jay-Z and Beyonce are together!
  • They are just compatible for each other
credits to tonirose0724@YGL AKA G-Toni