Ever wonder why G-BOM got the hearts of many ADDICTEDS?? Not just because they're so dorky and cute. But there are actually 10 reasons why we love them! :)

G-BOM Fact #1
GBOM already exists way back 2006
Don't you miss them performing on stage together?? They're chemistry on stage looks so natural and they do look cute together too! Especially when G Dragon puts his arm around Bom, whenever their face are very near each other like they're almost kissing, G Dragon running after Bom, and just GBOM being natural on stage! I really miss them. GD's rapping sounds great with Bom's singing. :D

G-BOM Fact #2
G Dragon loves Imitating Bom
I believe this is actually his way of expressing his love for Bom! Especially during their interview in Japan (in the video it starts at 1:27) the interviewer asked GD "What's you favorite Japanese word/phrase" GD said "Eeeeh?" it's like he's been thinking of her all throughout the interview! He misses her so much that he even brought up Bom's infamous line all the way to Japan! And also copying Bom's "Don't touch my...."
he even copied Bom's tone! That's so cute! Its just proves that G Dragon notices every little thing about Bom. He has his full attention on Bom only. Now, isn't that sweet? :)

G-BOM Fact #3
G Dragon likes teasing Bom and she likes it! ^^
Admit it, you can easily tell that she likes it eeh? Ofcourse she does! Kekeke~! I believe, teasing is the best way for a guy to show to a girl his feelings. Coz maybe he's shy to be very to to her, then he just express it in a playful manner. And notice how Bom is so fond of playing with Gaho! She looks so cute and that she's being so sweet to Gaho, instead of GD. Poor GD ~

G-BOM Fact #4
G Dragon is Gaho's dad
I think there's no need for me to explain this... well.. GD owns Gaho so he is automatically his "dad" lol. We see how much GD loves Gaho right? Gaho is actually gaining more popularity than GD now. Haha!

G-BOM Fact #5
Bom is Gaho's mom
Who interacts with Gaho most in 2ne1tv eeh? Who always play with Gaho? Who always bother Gaho while he's sleeping? Who loves taking photos with Gaho? Who does Gaho loves so much? BOMMIE! GBOMGAHO is a very cute family! <3

G-BOM Fact #6
G Dragon loves to work out
I read an article somewhere that during an interview with GD he said he loves working out on his body since among the BB members, he's the skinniest. So definitely he has balanced diet and regularly exercises. :)

G-BOM Fact #7
Bom hates working out
All the blackjacks know it! As we've seen on 2ne1tv, Bom is always being scolded by their trainer for always missing their work out sessions and if not, for being late. And remember the corn incident? Haha! She has a very healthy appetite but she hates to work out which makes her gain a little weight. So stubborn eeh? GD and Bom are totally opposite to each other, which is just PERFECT <3

G-BOM Fact #8
G Dragon likes older women
In an interview, GD was asked about his ideal type of girl, he said "I want older girls" not exactly those words but it's somewhat like it. That's why he's so attracted to Bom! And is also why he really wants to be so matured so he'll be fit for Bom! GBOM!

G-BOM Fact #9
They have a lot of similarities
GBOM wearing same clothes, hats, rings, shoes, and even share the same pose! Holding each other favorite color, design, and whatever.. name it! They are totally the same in some ways. They are famous for always doing the "bunny ears" and "heart" pose. They look so adorable!

Ultimate G-BOM Fact #10
G Dragon is addicted to Bom!
The actual origin of the ADDICTEDS! G Dragon can't hide his crush on his noona that he spilled the beans on TV! Kyaaaaaa~! G Dragon finally confessed on national TV that's he's addicted to Bom's aegyo. Well, who isn't? She's very cute and adorable. He even asked the editor of 2ne1tv to give hom the clip of Bom for his "collection" so what does he mean? He collects funny clips of Bom? Omo! I like it how G Dragon is overwhelmed by his feelings that he is not aware of what he's saying anymore. I wonder how Bom reacted when she saw this episode.

Sorry for the lame explanation. Im just totally spazzing so I can't type words right. Lol.
GBOM is very addicting! EVen though Jiyong and I are already married, I'd still give
way if its for Bom, but for Bom ONLY! Haha! Hwaiting GBOM love! <3