Recently major fashion designer, Jeremy Scott, has arrived in South Korea for his event 'JEREMY SCOTT IN SEOUL'. A lot of attention was attracted when Jeremy Scott pulled up to the club Nuit Blanche in the same van as 2NE1!

If you haven't heard by now, Jeremy Scott has asked none other than our very own 2NE1 to join him in his trip to Seoul as he promotes Addidas Originals, a brand he designs.

Who is Jeremy Scott you ask? He is a world renowned fashion designer, favored by many of today's hottest artists including, Madonna, Rihanna, Kanye West, Beyonce, etc. You may also have seen his work in some of the unique clothing that 2NE1 has worn! For example at the SBS Idol Big show, the sneakers CL and Dara wore were his creation. Not only that, when CL and Minji were promoting "Please Don't Go", they rocked various outfits of his.

On the evening of the 27th, in Gangnam Seoul, Jeremy Scott held his after party with Addidas Original - "JEREMY SCOTT IN SEOUL" at Club Answer.

Bom, Dara and CL, and also Yang Seungho (one of 2NE1's infamous co-di's) attended. In addition, Seo Inyoung, Shieon, Marco, Kim Joon, Lee Chun Hee, Goo Joonyeob, and other hot celebs made their appearances. Unfortunately, Minji was not able to show up at the event. 2NE1 stated that Minji couldn't attend because she is still underage.




[Who's missing in the group? Well we spotted where she was!]

[G-Dragon is clearly checking out Bom.]

Bom was the only one looking at GD and Seungho playing while the other girls were busy enjoying the party. She just wants to make the most of the moment.. she thinks no one notices her she forgot all the paparazzi in front of them!

[GD looking at Bom! GD's expression is priceless.]

[Only a glass was separating Bom and GD]

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