Finally! Fancams of the GREAT Concert! Now I can understand why YG decided to take out their part from the DVD.

As some of you ADDICTEDS might realize, that there are no videos of G-Dragon and Park Bom at the G.R.E.A.T concert of Big Bang back a couple of years ago, in 2006. No, it is not because you guys are searching things wrong in the search engine. But in fact, YG decided not to put GD and Bom's section into the dvd. Therefore, there are no videos or tracks of 'We Belong Together' and 'Forever With You' performances for some unknown reason. The only way to see their performances were through fancams.

Until recently, fancams of the GREAT concert were unfindable, especially to international fans, that is until fancams of the concert were uploaded in youtube! Finally the ADDICTEDS wish have come true!
Now, we can understand why YG Entertainment decided to take down their performances because of their great chemistry on-stage. Even if the videos were only short glimpses we can see how they interacted and how the fans went crazy!

Watch it for yourself!

I will put up the youku video links just in case the youtube videos get taken down because of copyright.

youtube credits: GBOMsince2006@youtube

We Belong Together

Forever With You

Also here are some captions from ADDICTEDS@YGL credits Ja.BOM24