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Translations: GEE @ YGLadies | Article: YGLadies News Team

Korean Girl Group 2NE1 just had their first year anniversary on May 16, 2010. Above is a picture of the brain of the main vocal, Park Bom. The one on the left is what Park Bom thinks as her brain map, while the one on the right is the leader member, CL, thinks of Bom's brain map. Let's make some G-BOM related connection shall we?

Park Bom's Brain Map that Bom Thinks:

1. Going on the Internet- We've seen that Bommie has used the computer in her spare time during 2NE1TV. And one of the pirated clips of 2NE1TV shows of her watching one of G-Dragon's 'Heart breaker' performance!

So maybe she constantly looks at the latest news of G-Dragon and performances, especially since he is now constantly away with Big Bang in Japan. Bom could be stalking him, eh? [Video of Bom watching G-Dragon's performance]

2. Let's Think about family- This part does not always mean the main family you go home to where you have someone to call as 'Mom', 'Dad', 'Grandma', but this is also referred to the family they have in their career, YG Family. So, as we know, G-Dragon is in one of those family! He has to pop into her head constantly, especially since he's always trying to get her attention by teasing her, eh?

3. Green- That is Bommie's favorite color! We knew that Bom wore that color outfit in G-Dragon's birthday dinner! Our Bom Unnie must be trying to impress him, eh?

Park Bom's Brain Map that CL Thinks:
CL, is pretty close to G-Dragon. G-Dragon has mentioned that CL is like a little sister to him, so let's try to see for some connection!

1. Green- Again! Obviously Bom's favorite color, and we know G-Dragon always is seen with he color green, maybe there's a connection. Maybe CL, sense that both are trying to match by wearing green, hehe.

2. Louis Vuitton- Bom always where LV, but guess who does also? G-Dragon!

3. Self-Monitoring- It could be possible that this all about diet, food, exercising. But since YG has a very strict rule on dating she could be self-monitoring herself from love.

4. Wanting to be Beyonce- Last but not least, how many time have Bom mentioned that Beyonce is her idol. Then look at how many times G-Dragon have mentioned "his favorite artist is Jay-Z". What is Beyonce and Jay-Z? They have a relationship together! Could it be both Bom and G-Dragon also secretly wishes to be like them so that they could be together like them? Source VIP INFO [CLICK]

G-Dragon, Gaho, Park Bom Wearing Green. The Family!

[Bommie wearing Green on G-Dragon's Birthday]

That G-BOM for today! Tune in later for more!

Observation credits: Yvonne @ YGL