Blackjacks around the world have one thing in common.. We all wish for 2NE1tv Season 2. Looks like YG listened to our wish and for 2NE1's comeback, there might be season 2 according to the photos

[1] During early May, fans spotted 2NE1 in L.A. being followed by some cameramen. Maybe documenting something.. like 2NE1tv Season 2?

[2] During Dara's visit to her younger brother, Thunder of MBLAQ, 2NE1's cameraman PD Choi is seen in the mirror behind them filming Dara with her brother.

[3] Dara shopped for cosmetics just a few days ago in the Etude Make Up House. And based on fan taken photos, she was there with a cameraman! (Oohh something fishy is really going on now)

[4] And again, Dara the me2day queen updated! This time, it's a stronger clue. Remember the episode in 2NE1tv where they (2NE1) were split into two groups and then Bommie and CL got to shop with each other and so does Minzy and Dara. And then Bommie pushes the cart while CL was sitting inside it? This is so like it! And also check out, the camera in the trolley.

We all know we miss G-BOM moments so much! And we known we got so many of that in the first season! Of course we want second season and to see G-BOM back in action again!

Re-cap of Season One G-BOM Moments!

[EP 10]
Park Bom massaging G-Dragon, and G-Dragon of course like it,
but as always he starts imitating and teasing her.

[EP 1]
When 2NE1 comes and visits G-Dragon, GD only looks at
Bom the entire time they walk this way.

[EP 2]
G-Dragon walks beside Bommie after she cries on their
first performance. Both are trying to not make it seem like it
is a big deal because the camera is in front of them.

[EP 8]
Once again, G-Dragon is caught stealing glances at Park Bom!
Come on GD, how long must you try to hide your feelings,
and you too Bommie!