Recently on May 25, 2010, 2NE1 posted a video message about marriage. The girls were congratulating their Cho Eun Unnie for her upcoming wedding. Though, the video was purposely made for their friend, the girls's expression could not be gone unnoticed. Especially Park Bom's quiet but strong and excited mood of marriage.

2NE1 결혼축하영상

EVERYONE: Hello, what's up, we're 2NE1!
CL: Nice to see you. What day is today?
DARA: I'm so jealous!
CL: Oh my god.
CL: May 25th, oh my god.
DARA: It should have been me.
BOM: It should be me.
CL: Today's Choeun unnie's wedding ceremony!

DARA: I'm jealous! MINJI: Congratulations!
DARA: I'm jealous. I'm jealous. I'm jealous.
CL: Unnis go get married. Get married. Get married.
Until the end of time Please be happy We love you!
Translations by GEE@YGL

As CL mentions about Cho Eun's marriage both the Unnies are clearly jealous that they are not married yet. Park Bom places her hand on her head as if to say 'Why not me?'.

Dara even states that 'It should be her', but Bom pushes her and says, 'No, it should be me!'

As CL, the leader, congratulates her, Bom places her hands on her heart.

In interviews Bom is usually not as expressive and usually keeps a very monotonous face, but here she shows her expression in every way. Why Bommie? Would you like to get married too?

As they cheer that they are jealous, CL tells both Park Bom and Sandar Park to get married. Right away the oldest members of the group starts cheering hope that marriage would soon come to them.

As the video ends, Park Bom makes a heart with her arms.

There's no denying that Park Bom has very strong feelings or great dreams about marriage, but why is this so important? because G-Dragon also has the same. In many recent interviews of Big Bang, G-Dragon always happen to comment about marriage how he would soon hope to get married soon and start a family.

Seems like our couple is a good fit for each other, eh?