Thanks to the eagle-eyed Addicteds, Bom was spotted in GD&TOP's photoshoot studio!

This was from the Play With GD&TOP DVD when GD&TOP where having a photoshoot for their album.

Bom (??) having her hair done

Bom (??) clapping her hands

And as GD&TOP leave, she is still there?
Or is that girl still Park Bom?

The part where you see Bom first starts at 3:32
And when GD&TOP leave, it was at
Credits: haylz27@Youtube

Was that girl Bom? If it was her, why was she there in GD&TOP's photoshoot?
So the fact that jjangoo manager (2NE1's manager) was there just proves that it was really Bom, but why was she there? Seungri's birthday was Dec12 during that time, 2NE1 has stopped their promotions already and GD&TOP has not yet started with theirs.. so why?? Was she included in the photoshoot? Ke ke
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Thank you, Addicteds! ^_________^

Credits to the Addicteds who shared this