Date of Birth: 88.08.18
Horoscope: Leo
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon

Date of Birth: 84.03.24
Horoscope: Aries
Chinese Zodiac: Rat

How to get a Leo to love you (according to chacha.com...)
Express your happiness
Leos are bright and cheery people, so they want a partner who won't bring them down. Express your happiness outwardly, and share lots of laughs with your Leo!

Have a backbone
Leos can be very bossy and demanding. If you want to have any sort of pride in your relationship, you better be able to stand up for yourself.

Keep an open mind
Leos are creative types. They could be up for an adventure at any time of the day, and you need to be prepared for it!

Demonstrate grand gestures
Leos enjoy luxury. If you demonstrate your love with fancy dinners and nights on the town, your Leo will love you even more.

Have some spunk
Leos are energetic people. They do say that opposites attract, but you need to show enthusiasm every once in a while to let your love know that you care.

Be lovable
Although Leos are spunky and energetic, they're also faithful and loving. Give them some affection, and they'll give it right back to you.

Have patience
Leos can be patronizing, so you need to be willing to put up with it.

Don't be cautious
Caution is a turn-off for Leos. If you're a naturally anxious/cautious person, try not to let it show on the outside, at least at first.

Be nice
Mean-spirited people are not attractive to Leos. If you are a nice person, he or she will have no problem falling in love with you.

Be okay with disruptions
If your Leo wants attention, he or she is going to let you know it. This might mean a phone call during work hours, or a conversation in the middle of your favourite show. Set boundaries, but know that you drama queen will want plenty of one-on-one time.

Are we all thinking of the same Lady? ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Aries ♡ Leo
Aries & Leo: A Positive Match
The combination of Aries and Leo is a perfect and a positive match. They have same caliber, nature and same characteristics. Both of them crave for fun and love to go for an adventure. Aries is said to have a fun loving nature and is open to life and Leo on the other hand is very kind and generous and have a friendly nature. A union of both will definitely create some magic and wonders with some little effort put on the compromise side. It is stated that ego runs very high in the minds of both and also their craving for being the center of attraction causes some disturbances at times.

They share same likes and dislikes and both crave for fun, love, excitement and romance. Aries loves to live independently and does not interfere much in the life of Leo thus expects to get the same respect. They both can be characterised on the same terms and facts, they both have the same nature and they are extrovert, warm and vibrant. Some minor differences are there such as Leo is creative & calm on the other hand Aries is more energetic and enthusiastic. This difference makes the combination even more deadly and exciting.

Aries Woman & Leo Man: A Love Match
The astrology says that this love match is the perfect one and the couple will always have smooth and perfect life. The outgoing personality of Leo man gels well with the desire of exploring the world of Aries woman. This match is said to have a long lasting relationship. The smartness and lively spirit of Aries woman makes the Leo man crazy after her and for the generous and romantic nature of Leo man the Aries woman will lose her heart. An attempt by the Aries woman for protecting the ego of Leo man will prove to be a seal for their long lasting relationship that is dipped in love and comfort.

Aries & Leo Compatibility: Problems & Guidelines
The Fiery nature of both Leo and Aries makes the combination positive and a perfect match. This also gives them a unique understanding which makes them support each other rather than being boss of one another. The duo simultaneously stands up in support and appreciates the drive and initiative taken by each other. While Leo gets attracted towards the energy of Aries; Aries gets overwhelmed by the huge creative ideas, warmth and vibrant. Two of them need to share a lot of power with each other and always allow their partner to speak so that they get a better understanding and also a comfort life.


Aries like to lead and Leo wants the spotlight, yet somehow they both have found the perfect balance of ego drives and self-expression. Aries' ability to assert their individual self appeals to the Leo and they both have a take-charge persona. Those two together can move mountains. They are very out-going individuals, personable, active, and attracted to each other's forward nature. They can easily relate to one another. Leo’s strong willed ego will perform dramatically to win the attention of the independent Aries and will be admired and respected in return for the robust charismatic force within Leo. Both signs are independent and will do what they please when they choose to do so.  However, Aries is not as stubborn as a Leo can be and will let issues roll right off their back more easily than Leo can. Leo wants to be the boss at home, yet they may still require a strong masculine mate.

Choosing the right partner in youth is something both must learn to master. Often times both Leo as well as Aries may have relationship regrets. Leo can be vain and prone to be misled when flattered. Although ego strokes are a common need for Leo, they must learn to be aware of false flattery. Aries reacts to new-found interests in haste which can result in regrets later on.

Leo’s mannerisms are displayed with warm-hearted and flamboyant drama, like the actor/actress style.  What appeals most to Leo is a partner who is strong and has their act together. They also like a show of affection, as if a romantic drama is being played out for a movie scene. Leo needs to be told what a great job they have done, so remember to acknowledge their accomplishments often. One can appeal to them by giving them lots of attention and frequent recognition strokes.

Aries' style is somewhat similar due to the fact that Aries likes enthusiasm coupled with aggressive and passionate behavior. They need a mate who has a sense of adventure, the out-going type who is independent. Remember that Aries does everything in a hurried fashion, like 90 miles per hour, and may fall in love at first sight. What will continue to attract an Aries is a partner who will create a challenge for them, keeping things fresh, exciting and able to hold their interest.

Aries women have a tendency to do the chasing which can be a turn-off, and she must learn to play by the proper mating game rules.

Leo: Loyal, Warm-hearted, Dramatic, Stubborn
Aries: Independent, Impatient, Enthusiastic

source: zodiacfacts@Blogspot, dailyhoroscopes.com

Dragon ♡ Rat
Considered as creatures of the animal world, the Rat and Dragon appear to be exact opposites not only in terms of physical size but also personality traits. And yet in Chinese astrology, the two share quite a good compatibility quotient as far as love is concerned.

High points of a Rat-Dragon love match
Love compatibility between these signs is quite high since they are both share certain essentially personality traits. One of the most important among these is an extroverted nature which makes them happy to be among people. Indeed the Rat thrives on the very verbal and social exchange that their large circle of friends and acquaintances offer. The Dragon too shares this search for people and interests than can inspire him/her from within. Both have incredible reserves of energy and can be found happily involved in several activities at the same time. While the Dragon is attracted to the world in the world of creativity and self-expression, the Rat is eager to get involved in any activity or experience as long as it is interesting and new. Thus both the Rat and Dragon can be found to lead socially hectic lives.

For all their love of socializing, neither the Rat nor the Dragon is a mere social butterfly. The Rat has an extremely nimble mind which can quickly absorb the basics of any situation or task at hand. The Dragon too is attracted to projects which have a definite element of challenge. Thus together, the couple is likely to possess an enthusiastic approach to life and best of all they can add substance and vitality to common ideas and projects. The Dragon will help the Rat bring focus to his/her scattered ideas and ensure that things remain not only talk but translated into action. The Rat on the other hand can articulate the big picture for the Dragon who is often driven by impulses and lets ego come in its way. Thus the two make a great team, keeping each other interested and opening the doors to new perception. The compatibility quotient for this couple is especially high when they are business or professional partners as well.

The Dragon’s self-assurance and solidity is exactly what the Rat requires to overcome a sense of insecurity that he/she always feels but is reluctant to show the world. At the same time, the Rat armed with ingenuity and liveliness is one of the few signs that can stand up to, and indeed, make light of the Dragon’s assertiveness.

Challenges of a Rat-Dragon love match
One of the most important sources of conflict in a Rat-Dragon pairing is likely to emerge from the very different personalities of the two. A Dragon, as one of the most dynamic animal signs in the Chinese zodiac system, is used to being the center of attention wherever he/she goes. Even though initially the Dragon may be pleased to find a partner the breadth of whose social circle can match his/her own, over time he/she might resent not being the most popular half of the relationship. The Dragon may find his/her Rat partner equally sought-after by friends, acquaintances and exes. Add to this the obliviousness of the Rat to his/her partner’s insecurities or perhaps even a cool tendency to brush them away with a witty remark and the Dragon might find his/her hackles being raised.

Another problem which is relationship might suffer from is a clash of wills. If there is one conspicuous flaw in the Dragon’s personality it is an overarching egoism. Like the powerful mythical creature who breathed fire, the human counterpart of this symbol believes that he/she is always right and expects to be obeyed by everyone around. This might not go down well with the Rat who, the Dragon may eventually discover, has a mind of his/her own. The Rat will simply shrug away the giant lizard’s demands and scurry away to where he/she is more comfortable. Thus in order to make their relationship compatible as well as long-lasting, the Dragon would have to learn to be less controlling while his/her Rat partner would need to be more respectful to the former’s many positive attributes.


Rats are ardent lovers who come to life when the sky is dark, the Rat requires love and affection and feel that being in love is a natural state, they want to be understood by their partner. When in love their partner is cherished above all others, and in return the Rat asks to be loved and cherished. Rats can often feel lonely, they do not like to be alone and will always be seeking out companionship, they have few close friends and when in love they yearn to be understood. They are passionate lovers.

The Dragon is one of the more eccentric souls, travelling through life with assurity and confidence, they know where they are going and chart a determined course to get there. They are passionate about life and passionate lovers, they are extremely independent with an adventurous spirit. They certainly know how to create a life worth living, and once they choose their life partner will work with them to create a beautiful and loving home. Random commitment is not their style and they understand the need for complementary natures to work together in life. The Dragon does have a tendency towards lusty infatuation that is always short lived.

Rat + Dragon = eclectic mix – long term potential
These two value emotional security and take marriage very seriously, if either was tempted to stray it is more than likely that the emotional security and commitment would prevent them from straying.

Dragon + Rat = eclectic mix – marriage material
Only a life filled with spontaneity and variety will be suitable for these souls, from this they will flourish together. As marriage partners they will work as a dedicated team, and the social butterflies are ever ready to give each other the floor, with the Rat happy to allow the Dragon adequate time in the spotlight.


Rat and Dragon make one of the best combinations ever. They thrive on each others' energy and will do all they can to make their relationship special. In this pairing, Dragon often takes center stage, leaving Rat to orchestrate the rest. Both partners are generally happy with this arrangement.

While each sign has negative aspects, in this pairing, each admires the negative aspects of the other. The intelligence of Dragon works well with the work ethic of Rat. When they do disagree, they tend to be fun for them and they resolve their differences quickly.

In business, Dragon takes the limelight while Rat manipulates everything from behind the scenes.
When this pairing consists of Dragon man and Rat woman, he is boss. She caters to his every whim, knowing he will look after her every need in return.


As friends, lovers, family members or business partners, these two share a nearly unparalleled rapport. Of all the signs, the Rat may best be able to hold its own in the company of the Dragon, the most celebrated sign of the Chinese zodiac. Where the Dragon might bowl over other less brilliantly shining signs, the Rat simply plays off the Dragon’s intense energy and serves up some of its own!

Both signs often enjoy being the center of attention, the Rat for its clever wit and relentless verbal games that keep everyone entertained, and the Dragon for its intelligence and certain magnetism that keeps people coming back for more. These two may engage in arguments due to the Rat’s interest in promoting its own agenda versus the Dragon’s rather large ego, but their disagreements are likely to be fun and exciting for both and to be resolved quickly.

As lovers these two have an electric connection; both have very healthy libidos as it is, and put together their energies can be volcanic! As friends and business partners, they make an incredibly strong pair; the Rat is shrewd enough to allow the Dragon the position of the front-man and will be perfectly happy to exert its influence in more cunning, behind-the-scenes ways.


The Rat and Dragon are a couple made in heaven. As lovers they will be electrifying. Even their arguments will be interesting and free of permanent damage. Their overall compatibility rating is 100%

2012 for Dragon ♡ Rat:

Dragon and Rat will make a hot pair and will have an assured relationship between both.

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