Big Bang were in a radio interview, Boom's FunFun Radio, way back 2008.

There was a segment called "Situational Play" where they(Big Bang) tried to imagine what they'll be like in the future(in about 10, 15 years).

Even just during Daesung's turn, the DJ already mentioned that in GD's case he's married to Beyonce.

The DJ describes GD's building that it has a sign in front of it which says "Ji Babe"

He laughed as he wondered why the DJ said his wife was Beyonce
Bam.. Bom?

When they talked baout when GD got married to Beyonce..

I know that this happened way before 2NE1 debuted meaning, the public doesn't know yet how Park Bom idolizes Beyonce and stuff but, isn't the co-incident similarity cute?
Maybe they chose Beyonce as GD's wife because they see GD as "Korea's Jay-Z".
Like the Addicteds say, G-BOM is Korea's Jay-Z & Beyonce ~
So what do you think? :-)

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Credits: bomcraze@ygladies