Screenshots are powerless~ Everyone please open your eyes wide and look carefully~~~~~~ (The order of the screenshots below correspond with the video!)

1. Minzy & Se7en enter the battlefield~ Jiyong is shyly drumming his fingers. This action is usually done when one is admiring someone's performance.

2. You can see Jiyong smiling~ and clapping his hands

3. A mouthful of small white teeth~ same posture, continues to clap~

4. Seungri and Dara are up, everyone is giving them a round of applause~ Jiyong stood up and continued to clap~

 5. He continues to clap and he has his eyes on the stage~

6. Strong Heart's big screen is on the right~~ Jiyong is not looking at the stage anymore, he's watching the two people on the screen~ Took back his white teeth too~

7. Bom finally appears!!! One second ago, Jiyong was still looking at the screen, important!! Why did he stop clapping? What is the meaning of folding his arms? Doesn't it look like when the boyfriend is watching his woman perform and is supporting her backstage!!

8. Bom starts to dance!!! Next second and Jiyong immediately looks back at the stage!! Turned his whole body too~~ and still isn't clapping!~ Why oh why!~ This is the important part! His white teeth are back, it isn't very clear in the photo, everyone can go and see for themselves~ Jiyong suddenly started laughing!

9. Last photo~~ Bom's performance has ended, should be time for Gummy's performance and he's clapping again!!! Why is that so~~forget about light applause, he even raised his arms~ don't tell me it's because Gummy is his big senior!! Bom is older than Jiyong too, by 4 years~~~ and that incredible/fantastic smile on his face!!! Who can tell me why!!! Ah~~? Why? Special treatment just for Bom!~~~~~

Observation and Caps by: 90后的哈韩一族@G-BOM Baidu Bar
Translations by: OMONAclaudia@Twitter