Really put in a lot of effort and finally figured this out!

First let's take a look at Bom's bracelet,

Now here is Jiyong, it's a little hidden though..

Do you see it??
Even the colours of their hair are similar! Keke.

credit: 阿咦唏呔噜@G-BOM Baidu Bar

Recently it seems like these two have been wearing the same bracelet whenever they have activities, the Chrome Hearts bracelet has been changed to this bigger bracelet, maybe it (CH) was distributed by YG. But what about this crystal necklace and bracelet? Ever since Jiyong wore it during BIGBANG's performance in Vietnam, Bom started wearing it too, I've never seen other 2NE1 members wear it, could it be that YG has turned to crystal jewelry? What do you think?
source: skylark-m@Weibo

Matching Chrome Heart earrings?
source: toxicrin@Tumblr via joiez@YGL