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Q: And, what are your ideal female types? Has it changed from the past?
A: In the past, slender girls were my ideal type. But recently, I think that girls I can be together with and have an enjoyable time with are good. Someone whom from the moment that we first meet, I can communicate with without any reservations. Also, a female who devotes herself to her work is good.

Many ADDICTEDS have been great in letting me know about this interview, I was finally able to find sometime into updating and posting about this. And many of you guys are right! In our delusional mind, it seems like he was talking about Bom there.

One. We all know that Bom is not known to be the to be the thinnest girl in Korea, in fact many netizens found her chubby (I thought she was perfect) and that's why she went into her corn diet. So to me it seems like GD was mentioning Bom that it doesn't matter if she was thin or not, he'll more than gladly take her!

Two. G-Dragon mentioned he was someone he can communicate without any reservations. Didn't Bom just mention in K Star Magazine as well that she was closest to GD and that they are able to talk about personal stuff and not just business talk? Go Here For Post

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I think that there are many many fans who are waiting for BIGBANG’s new album so please let us know the reason why you formed this 2-member unit.
GD: With regards to BIGBANG’s album, we had been preparing for it since previously. But because the other three members were busy due to their various individual activities, the 2 of us ended up recording many songs together. Those people who have been waiting for BIGBANG probably want to hear all 5 of our voices equally. While thinking of that, we came to a conclusion that the two of us will release our recorded songs first, and then the BIGBANG album will be released after that.

How do the other members feel about this group that the 2 of you formed?
T.O.P.: They are under pressure now. (Laugh) They said “Because the two of us have succeeded, by riding on this energy, BIGBANGs album will also succeed.”.

V.I’s solo album will also be released in less than a month. Don’t you have thoughts that you will be rivals against each other?
T.O.P.: Not at all. Because from the start the colour of V.I’s music is completely different from ours. And above that, as we are members from the same band, we support each other and there are no such thoughts of rivalry. For things to go smoothly for all of us, after the group album is released, we will be able to receive interest from many more people…after all, we are all aiming towards the same goal.

During the 2010 MNet Asian Music Awards in Macau last Nov. 28, you performed your new song “Knock Out” for the first time, what was the reason you did not perform your title song “High High”?
T.O.P.: We wanted to meet the many fans who had been waiting for us, and give them an early present first. Over there, we performed to give them a taste of a song which no one would have been able to imagine. It is fan service.

“High High” was released before the album and was released as a digital single on 15 December.
GD: It is a very good song. While showing BIGBANG’s strengths, we also wanted to show a charm that is different from how we are like when we members are together. The lyrics are interesting too and it is a song which was created while giving careful consideration to the visual images.

In general, what kind of album is this?
T.O.P.: While incorporating the HIP-HOP element that is a characteristic of BIGBANG, its HIP-HOP is richer compared to the recent BIGBANG songs. Both of us are rappers and we were able to express our personalities sufficiently.

What were your thoughts after hearing each other’s solo songs?
T.O.P.: Both songs were recorded fairly long ago. When I first heard G.D’s song, I thought it was very fresh and has the characteristic of G.D’s style. I was absorbed into it.
G.D: When you think of T.O.P., you already have a pre-set image in your mind. But the song overthrows that pre-set impression of him and has importance characteristic to him. Furthermore, it has a fresh side to it, and it has many diverse elements like the charms possessed by T.O.P. since long ago.

Your outrageous hairstyles have been a hot topic. What was the reason for these hairstyles?
T.O.P.: This time, it is an album by just me and G.D. Our personalities are distinct so the songs in the album are unique and have different chraracteristics. In other words, this album, which we created to express ourselves, is overflowing with our personalities. What we did is we tried to make our appearance suit the album’s diversity. As I have already tried all the styles that I wanted to try, recently, I sort of feel that I am walking on an odd path. Frankly, this hairstyle is also almost too much right… (Laughs)

What do you think of fashion?
G.D: I am pursuing a natural kind of style. Still stylish, even if it’s not that obvious.
T.O.P.: I have been trying to follow “classic” fashion. It’s the most difficult but interesting. I like collections which fit my body perfectly even if the outfit is unique, in order to look like a gentleman.

By the way, what were your first impressions of each other when you first met? Has it changed now?
T.O.P.: Since we have become adults, what we see has changed, but other then that, the personality and the attitude of challenging oneself while working has always been the same.
G.D: Not just for T.O.P., my first impressions of all the other members too still remain the same now. My first impression of T.O.P. was that he has the frankness of a man, and I think he is still a surprisingly mischievous person. This is still how I think of him.

Among both of your strengths, not taking into account your own, which strength are you envious of?
T.O.P.: My shortcoming is the opposite of the strength G.D possesses. While I am a lazy person when it comes to tiresome things, G.D is always sincere and he doesn’t care how others see him and only focuses on what he himself is able to accomplish.
G.D: I am the type who vastly and superficially handles things without deeply getting to the bottom of what is going on first. I think to be like T.O.P., who goes deeply into something before reaching a conclusion, is amazing. That is what I hope to be.

And, what are your ideal female types? Has it changed from the past?
G.D: In the past, slender girls were my ideal type. But recently, I think that girls I can be together with and have an enjoyable time with are good. Someone whom from the moment that we first meet, I can communicate with without any reservations. Also, a female who devotes herself to her work is good.
T.O.P.: I look at the atmosphere. Someone who is able to react to me is good. My type is someone who can understand my shortcomings and react to me.

Lastly, tell your fans how you feel about this album!
T.O.P.: I only have 2 wishes for this album. Firstly, that everyone will be surprised after listening to it. I am hoping that it will be an album that will cause people to feel the shock of hearing something new which they have never heard before till now. The second wish is that it will be an album that will always remain in their memories. I have been having these wishes while spending the whole night on some days recording. There was a period of time I almost spent all my time continuously at the stage. As it is an album which has that much passion channeled into it, please expect our stage. And please support us.
G.D: As BIGBANG’s album has not really been released yet, there have been various speculations flying around. Such rumours cause fans to waver and I think it is a pity. Because our album this round, and V.I’s upcoming album are albums made for BIGBANG with all of our own ideas, please don’t be shaken by the rumours and only believe in what we say and we will be happy. Also, to make this a memorable album, we will be holding many promotional activities, and I want to show you various sides of us. I will be happy if everyone can enjoy it.

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