In this interview both TOP & G-Dragon were asked if they had any girlfriends, both of them said 'No.' But right after G-Dragon says 'No' while looking away someone in the background can be heard saying 'Keojitmal' meaning 'Lie' or 'You're lying' was said.

Two possibilities went in my delusional mind:
1. He does have a girlfriend from the way he turned his face away from the interviewer and looked away. And the one saying 'Lies' in the background supports this scenario. Not only that but TOP looked at him smiling widely, like 'haha dude, what are you going to lie?'

2. He doesn't have one, but wishes he had one! See how he turned away? Seems like the face of someone longing for someone because he can't have them. Maybe because of the 3 year rule that Bom has? LOL.

Watch Video Here