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In G Dragon's 'But I Love You' performance during Big Bang's GREAT Concert, there was a video as an introduction of the performance. And it showed a photo of GD and Bom where GD was holding this little pony. Well a few years later, guess where that little pony is seen once again?


This is another reason why this song was dedicated for Park Bom!


Butterfly MV- HERE
But I Love You- HERE

In the controversial (Yes, as a G-Bom shipper for me it is controversial XD) Butterfly MV!! Doesn't this tell you something? UH-OH! If you didn't notice the cameo appearance of the little pony in his MV then, watch it. I know this is like so-last-summer but I think not all Addicteds have seen this already, so I thought I should share this here. :D