In episode two, after 2NE1 won first place in a music show, the girls were very emotional and G-Dragon of course was there to support them. Park Bom was the only one crying, and when G-Dragon finally got to congratulate her, you could hear him saying 'Park Bom!'(3:31) although you couldn't see them because they were covered by CL and Minjy.

Before that you might notice that he was patting Bom's head while he was hugging CL. Then after G-Dragon congratulated Park Bom, they have this moment where they walk side by side, but then it got awkward because, I think, they both felt they couldn't do anything since the camera was on them.

Some people believe that G-Dragon was the one to give Park Bom the tissues she had when she was crying. It's hard to tell in the video though.

this was 3:33

this was 3:45
credit to sooyoung_05@YGLadies