In episode six of 2NE1TV, when the girls were having a photo shoot, G-Dragon visits the girls and brings them food. When getting there, he was only able to see Minji, but as he ask the staff where the girls are, they point at Park Bom who was on the other side of the room. The two stylists quickly make G-Dragon look at he girls' pictures, as they were now standing closer to Bom. While G-Dragon were looking at the pictures, Park Bom comes up and greets him 'Hi' with a wave and a smile on her face.

At that moment they of course have a moment which I couldn't also help but smile, G-Dragon teases Bom telling her how he wishes he could make her fall because of her very tall shoes she was wearing.

As G-Dragon leaves, CL was at first the only one to be there, but as soon as Park Bom heard the staff saying 'Jingyo is leaving', Bom comes out and waves bye at him, and immediately G-Dragon responds and waves back.

Throughout the whole show, I noticed Bom is the one to always greet and say good-bye to him, and also quickly after she says either 'hi' or 'bye' Ji Yong looks at her and responds.

GD looks for the girls

I thought it was kind of interesting that it was Bom that they point out to

GD looks back as he hears Bom's voice

Ah, look at Park Bom smiling when she sees him

After awhile he then looks at her

G-Dragon teases Park Bom saying he wants to make her lose her balance

Park Bom waves bye to him

His attention shifts to her and says 'bye' back

Here's a gif of Bom waving bye to G-Dragon.
See her face lighting up?

And look at SeungHo at the bottom trying to say bye to GD too! Kkkk

gif credit w a s a b b y@YGSECRET

Here is the video. Moments time @ 8:10, 8:33, 10:16