credits to 守護某@baidu for all caps

After seven episodes of 2NE1TV Season 2, us ADDICTEDS are finally able to see our two beloved couple interacting with one another! It's all been way to long for all of us! And guess what? After long four years, our G-BOM couple are able to sing a song together again!

G-Dragon compliments Park Bom's voice by saying that "Park Bom's voice always makes songs nicer." He also says that 'without Park Bom Big Bang's Album cannot come out.'

The video also tells us that this is the first time that GD is singing with someone! Our Park Bom is the very first person to sing with G-Dragon? Omo! I hope that there will be an official MV of 'Please Don't Go.'

gifs by 语の嫣 & HayluvBommie@baidu

CAPS by 守護某@baidu
When Bommie stands up to get out of the chair,
GD immediately stands up as if to block her from leaving him!

Video G-BOMTV cut EP 7 English subs
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