Remember how just awhile ago when G-Dragon and Park Bom were known as the red hair couple? Park Bom dying her hair red, then suddenly G-Dragon were seen with the red hair as well. But then recently we saw that Park Bom had dyed her hair black like in the ''We Belong Together" days with G-Dragon and TOP in 2006. Many of us ADDICTEDS were a little sad with the change of her hair color, but look at this! G-Dragon recently dyed his hair black right after Park Bom did!

Is this a coincidence?

I thin NOT!

This is the second time that both had the same color hair at the same time! I think G-Dragon must be trying to say something to the public, eh? Both G-Dragon and TOP were present to this "special" event, that is for the High High MV?

Check out this Bunny!
source: g-bom forum

BUNNY?! WHo else is a bunny? Park Bom is a Bunny!

Anyways go ahead and look to the pictures of G-Dragon featured in the High High making MV?

fancam of the event
source: DCGD
re-uploaded by: bbupdates@youtube

credit: g-bom addiction forum