Park Bom and Sandara Park recently guested in the Korean variety show 'Strong Heart.' A few weeks ago this fan account about the recording was posted up in Bestiz, but unfortunately this part was edited out from the show.

그리고 지용군 이야기는 남자친구 이야기를 하다가 봄양이 예전 연습생때
지디군이 자기친구 봄양한테 소개시켜줄까? 라고 제의햇엇는데 봄양이 그때
자기는 연습을 더열심히 하느라 생각이 없다고 튕겻엇다고 ㅋㅋ 그런식으로 말하며 호동씨가 지금 다시 제의한다면? 햇더니 그럼 당장 달려간다고 ㅎㅎ
그런식으로 이야기했구요
(omitted irrelevant parts)
Source: Bestiz
(credit to solitaretwo@YGL for the tip)

Translations: Bom-yang told a story about her trainee days when Ji Yong-goon asked, "Should I set of a blind date for you?" to Bom. Bom-yang said that she had no other thoughts than to train in a hard-to-get manner. Kang HoDong asked Bom-yang that if she received that same proposal, what would she do? She replied that if so, she would go running, accepting the blind date. It went in that way.
translations made by jade@gbom-addiction

Notes about translation: 튕겻 or 'ttingyuh' which is practically slang meaning rejecting just to make them offer more, is regarding to Bom's "hard-to-get" manner, which is basically saying she wasn't going to do it unless G-dragon pursued her more.

I got two things out of this-
1) G-dragon and Park Bom were obviously very close back in her trainee days for him to want to set her up in a blind date.
2) G-Dragon didn't pursue her enough to go because she didn't end up going! Because he probably didn't want her to go with some other guy instead!

OR (delusional) he was going to set her up with himself, but chickened out! Ahahah!