2NE1 and Big Bang recently filmed for CJ CF on MNET Wide Hot. And guess who were caught talking?! Our very own Park Bom and G-Dragon! The two were caught talking for quite awhile with only the two of them. While the rest of Big Bang and 2NE1 members were doing their own thing, GD and Park Bom were talking to each other. I wonder what they could have been talking about?
credit to g-bom@baidu and Wichaya@fb

gif made by james@YGL

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Park Bom is touching her hair and messing with it!
It could only mean she was feeling nervous when she talked to G-Dragon!

Or Maybe G-Dragon teased her again, cause look at her face! LOL!

After G-Dragon was talking to Bommie, notice how he is messing with his hands? Maybe he was teasing her and he felt bad about it, eh?

So what do you guys think? I think our G-BOM couple just keeps making us happier and happier! ^_^

And notice GD is playing with a green bunny! Park Bom as we know is known as a bunny and her favorite color is a green, so I think it's not just a coincidence!

Is that a stuffed animal that he bought for himself to remind him of Bommie? ^_^
cap & gifs by james@YGL

Watch the video!
credit happyrichlifeyf4@youtube

If it gets deleted here's the link to youku