This year, we saw how our girls transformed and matured into even more fierce young ladies. As 2010 winds down, we here at YGL thought, what better way to end the year than by reliving the memories and recapturing the best moments each of our girls had this year? And who better to start off our trip down memory lane than with Lady Spring herself, Park Bom~

Corn & bread are her favorites, but this woman with an amazing love for food eats her veggies too! Park Bom proved her doubters wrong with her transformation into a more slender and sexy bombshell (not that she needed it AT ALL) with the popular "Lettuce Diet".

Earlier this year we witnessed the "friendship" between YGE's personal trainer Hwangssabu and Bom. It all started when her trainer saw her eating corn while using a computer during the first season of 2NE1TV. With the trainer's eyes laid upon her, Bommie was forced to stay away from her ultimate best-friends, corn, bread, and unhealthy foods of course.

Their recent comeback was MASSIVE. 2NE1 transformations were the subject of hot debate, but Bommie's RED HAIR MADE IT HOTTER. The new color absolutely fit Bom's long hair, giving it an edgy and outstanding noticeable look. This girl not only rocked that scarlet hair, but also even a blue-green wig for a gothic, but chic look for their Halloween themed It Hurts MV. All of the hair colors, from red to black to blue and back to brown, showed just how much of a chameleon she is.

Even though she failed many times during her auditions, Bom was very determined to become a great singer like Beyonce, her role model. She revealed in 2NE1TV that her parents were actually against the idea of her becoming a singer, but this girl never gave up. With her aunt who supported her all the way, she shifted her course to study music while she was living in America.

Hardships faced the young Bommie, and during her second appearance in Strong Heart, Bom revealed that her aunt was actually sick. She asked her aunt to go and have a check-up, but her aunt's health declined dramatically. Her aunt, who did not want to show her niece that she was sick, sent Bom away to a friend's house. Her aunt eventually passed away, but Bom was unable to visit the funeral because she wasn't told of what happened. During 2NE1's visit to States, Bom had a chance to visit her aunt's grave. She wrote a card to her aunt telling her aunt that she finally achieved her dreams and thanked her aunt for helping her. She also promised her aunt to work hard to become an excellent singer.


Through 2NE1TV Season 2, we got to see Bom's interactions with the other members and YG Family.

Credits: CornKid21@YT

Credits: CornKid21@YT

Who could forget all the Park Sister moments, particularly when Bom comforted the upset Dara on the set of Can't Nobody?

It wasn't all sad moments, as episode 2 of season 2 started off with the HILARIOUS co-MC of Dara and Bom. Bom was an equal opportunity jokester this season, as seen by her gif-worthy cuteness with Minzy and CL as well.

Recall the waffle eating before dinner... or the laugh-out-loud Bommie version of Seo Tae Ji's remix. Bom and CL celebrating like crazy girls in their apartment made us Blackjacks laugh with glee.

Over the course of 2010, Bom has really really worked on her stamina and stage confidence. Remember the utter stupor we were all in when as a culmination of all that hard work as we watched Bom literally tear the house down with her featuring in Oh Yeah. Blackjacks should be beaming with pride at the growth Bom has made and her amazing burst of charisma both for To Anyone promotions and with GD-Top.

Ever heard of the songs Bommie was featured in before her 2NE1 debut, "We Belong Together" and "Forever With You"? The trio, having a history dated 4 years ago, is back, Big Bang's G-Dragon and TOP just dropped off their first album together last 26th and our precious Bommie is featured on one of their title track, "Oh Yeah".

”For any song, when Park Bom’s voice is added, it becomes a better song. It’s a great voice. If nuna doesn’t do it, our album can’t be released.” - G-Dragon


Leave it to Bom to show YGL her love by tasting the cupcakes we delivered to the girls in LA! Hopefully she really enjoyed them well!

Also, while in LA, several YGL members were able to meet and interact with the stunning lead vocal.

It was most definitely my day!!! I got to park infront of the hotel & only had to wait an hour to get everyone's signature! BEST of All the girls were so friendly and welcoming! I was able to tell DARA to please eat and gain a little bit more weight. Minzy what an amazing young lady she is and that I'm praying for more power/ success. BOM how gorgeous she is and how she has a beautiful voice. CL you are the baddest female rapper and that you give me goose bump when you perform!!! Of course, I got to tell them all how much I LOVE THEM!! All the girls would look at you when you're talking to them and really showed their love for us fans! I'm truly impressed with them!!
exerpt from gladieator's fanaccount @YGL

My Impression of Bom: Bom surprised me, I instantly hit it off with her, she was so warm and inviting. Oh and she is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. Like off the richter scale stunning. and its not just a pretty face, I think she has a confidence and a brightness that is very inviting and loving. I was most comfortable with her. Maybe because she understood my spazzisms, It was great. She has some cute face expressions just in her natural talking. She just is so cute... but also sexy. So like I said it was Bom's idea to autograph over on this little table. She made the cutest noises while signing (cuz my pen was complete FAIL). Afterwards I thought they would just leave. Nope. Bom talked to me we chit chatted about Tae Yang, LA, them having fun, YGL, we laughed, we giggled, I felt like I was chatting with an cool acquaintance. Then like I ran out of things to say and was just staring at all of them like a fool and started blushing in shyness. Bom was like "ohhhhh" here let me give you a hug. I was so shocked I didn't even think about a hug (stupid me I would have let them leave without one.) Then I hugged Dara and Minzy and I just saying so nice to meet you thanks for the autograph. BomJi gave me tiny waves as they got into their NICEEE SUV and they left. /sigh so awesome.
expert from tazanya's fanaccount @YGL

Bom: she's so BOMB! ♥ I think I have a girlcrush on her. LOL She's seriously beautiful, her cheeks are so cute! She was wearing the same outfit seen in Dara's M2D pics too ^-^ Agh, but really, she blew me away~!! ... So...not in my fancam: My friend asks Bom for a hug AND SHE HUGS BOMMIE >;[ So my other friend HUGS MINZY at the same time. And then I went to go hug Bommie too but she was walking too fast so T______T FML Ah welll T__T Then we said "bye" to them~! She is my ultimate girl group bias! Ah Bommie <333
exerpt taken from simpleandpink's fanaccount @YGL


Dubbed by fans as an alien goddess, this year has been jam-packed with "classic" Bommie moments. Enjoy a last look at some of Bom's funny/cute/nutty/alien-like moments from 2010.

Source: 2NE1TV, or as tagged
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