The ‘foam kiss‘ (click HERE to watch) from the popular romantic drama, “Secret Garden“, has been a hot topic amongst viewers, but the look is popular among celebrities as well.

On December 24th, 2NE1’s Dara uploaded a picture onto her me2DAY with the caption, ‘Where is the man who will kiss away Bom Ra Im’s foam? (Ha Ji Won’s character in “Secret Garden” is named Gil Ra Im) Where is the prince?‘

Bom is seen with a white cappucinno foam mustache.

Dara continued, ‘We’re accepting applications. To the 21 people who reply first… Do you want the chance of your dreams?‘

Dara then added, ‘I’m sorry. Because of our president, we can’t do this yet. You know?‘

I’m sure a lot of guys would line up for a kiss with Bom.

Source: Medial Today via Nate