Observation Credits: G-Bom Bar@baidu

Our Chinese Addicteds noticed that the stage performance of GDBOMTOP on Dec. 19, 2010 had some similarities with their stage performances way back 2006. Awesome, isn't it?

It's definitely great to see this trio back since from four years ago, and especially our G-BOM! Let's look at more observations of our queen Bom and Prince G-Dragon!

Remember this? Since Bommie always sings in the chorus part, she always shows up just when the first part is done (usually GD's part) and lok how it was totally the same!

And the "Lean On Me" part on We Belong Together, was changed into a cute dance?

In The G.R.E.A.T. Concert before, we saw in fancams that Bom went to G-Dragon and held hands then she leaned on his shoulder.

The stares.. The smiles.. :">

When Bom lifted up TOP's face, didn't it remind you of something??

No need to explain this photos, right? :)

GD and Bom always close to each other <3

Credits: G-Bom Bar@baidu

A/N: IMO, I've never seen Bom so comfortable and confident onstage!
Her smile, her eyes, her moves says it all!
Her voice was stable in hitting the high notes and also, she's comfortable with GD.
During the SBS Gayo Daejun, she was totally not comfortable with Taeyang.
And yesterday's performance you'll notice the way she looks and touches TOP was kinda awkward
(but still, TOP and Bom were cute tho lol)
But when she's with GD, she's very comfortable when GD looks ate her, smiles, holds her, touches her..
OMOOOO~! :D So, what do you think Addicteds?