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On December 31, 2010, 2NE1 and GD&TOP performed their songs on MBC Music Festival after their absence in KBS Gayo Daejun. In their performance oh 'Oh Yeah' all of 2NE1 were featured in their song, Park Bom was only featured until the very end.

Although there weren't much interaction between G-Dragon and Park Bom this time, G-Dragon never failed to take many glances at Park Bom. He also wore the G-BOM ring and did their 'Sign' as we posted before.

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cap made by kachun^ckw^kcw@YGL

From beginning to end G-Dragon looked at Park Bom!

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I know that everyone has been talking about the Gbom sign, the ring, and Mr.G kneed down for our Bom (lets put it that way)
I just wanna add more about EYES DONT LIE lol

Their smile are the same, neh?

GIF of G-Dragon looking at his lady, Park Bom

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