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On December 29, 2010 GD&TOP performed various of their songs on SBS Music Festival. One of the songs they performed was a short version of 'Oh Yeah' featuring Park Bom. The picture above is taken during their rehearsal. I've posted CAPS and gifs of their performance below.

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At rehearsal

CAPS & observations made by gbom baidu bar
Credit to 亓洛乜爱迩@Baidu
translated by ■&AN.@YGL

Bom was first coming from the right-side of the stage, then our MR.G turned as soon as possible to her.
Maybe it's just a set-up?? Oh well I only believe what i see.....
Look at their sight line! they're looking at each other right??

and everytime when bom is singing and standing close with GD, the camera focus on TOP..
Are you try to cover for them, camera man??!

Who is he looking at?
Subtitles* - The glance in the eye and bright smile is all im talking about!!!

Most Beautiful Moment

Someone Can't take his eyes off Bom!

Then eye-contact!

Top is being left out again!

First three step, slowly come closer to Bommie; looking at her hand before take his own hand out..

step four, his eyes finally moved away n looks like he's saying "k...finally caught her hand" (delusional mode..)

step five-six, the way they hold hands!!! isn't it freakin' tight!! I mean.. look at GD's thumb again.
and P.S., at this point Bom's head still hasnt lead on TOP's shoulder! See the difference?!

Final Touch
credit bananatoink@YGL

Slow motion of the Gbom moment❤
credit HayluvBommie@Baidu

uploaded by Shidoka195HD6th@youtube