2011 has finally opened up, and Inkigayo promises to be another fun and exciting show filled with amazing performances from the top singers of Korea.

Due to Jung Yonghwa’s involvement with CNBLUE’s Japanese concert, F.T. Island’s Lee Hongki will be taking his place as MC today.

The Take 7 nominees were GD&TOP (‘High High‘), Seo In Young (‘Into the Rhythm‘), Park Hyoshin (‘Hungry For Love‘), Brown Eyed Soul (‘If It’s the Same‘), T-ara (‘Yayaya‘), SISTAR (‘How Dare You‘), and KARA (‘Jumping‘). Unfortunately, Seo In Young, Park Hyoshin, Brown Eyed Soul, and KARA were not present today.

TVXQ, SECRET, INFINITE, and JOO made their comebacks, while newcomer Dal Shabet debuted and F.CUZ returned with their follow-up promotions. Other performers include GD&TOP, T-ara, SISTAR, IU, JJ, Tim, December, $unny Side, and Jung Jae Wook.

With all these fantastic performances, the winner of this week’s “Mutizen” was none other than GD&TOP!

High High

Win + Encore

Source: AllKPop + Riji0731 + CodeAnalysisSeason3@YT