According to some articles, 2NE1 is now busy preparing for their Japan promotions. But it was just recently when Filipino Blackjacks were surprised with the tweets of ABS-CBN (Philippine Channel Network) and PUSH (a top Philippine Gossip website) on Twitter about Dara taking a vacation in the Philippines.

We spotted Sandara Park with her friends and her sister, Durami.
She's currently taking a vacation in the Philippines.
Translated by: Nikai@GBomsince2006

Sandara Park is here in the Philippines.
Taking a vacation with her friends.
Translated by: Nikai@GBomsince2006

Followed by some photos uploaded by her friends and fans who saw her in the country.Some fans' speculations were she's staying here in the Philippines for the upcoming 2NE` album launch on the 15th of January.

While for Gong Minji, her me2day updates seem like she's also in a vacation.

교회다녀왔어요~^_^ 맑은공기~! 꺄하핫~~ㅋㅋ
I went to church~^_^ Fresh air~! Kyahaha~~ keke

Translated by: kimchi

As for Lee Chae Rin, there has not been any news heard about her, as well as for our Park Bom.
But have you guys noticed her absence in GD&TOP's promotions?
Is she also in a vacation that's why GD&TOP temporarily stopped promoting 'Oh Yeah'?

2NE1 is set to debut in Japan on February and have their activities until March.